Data automation: the heart of data warehouse modernization

Data automation can empower business users to make better quality decisions by providing instant access to pertinent data. Data warehouse modernization is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. As the amount of data continues to grow exponentially each year, so does the number of data systems that manage all this data. With […]

How data preparation can accelerate AI

These four best practices can help your organization quickly prepare data for analytics and fast-track its algorithms into production. It’s rare to meet a leader who isn’t excited by the potential of AI and analytics to drive their organization’s digital transformation, growth strategies, and operational efficiencies. The success of an AI-based technology revolution — or […]

A case for managing data uniquely for each form of advanced analytics

From mining to machine learning, each form of advanced analytics has its own requirements for how data must be managed. Failing to satisfy these requirements leads to hamstrung analytics. We say «analytics» as if it’s a single entity. In reality, it is a collection of technologies and user best practices, including data mining, text mining, […]