Why Enterprise Data Planning Is Crucial for Faster Outcomes

Are you planning on strategically using data to improve the efficiencies of your value chains? You are not alone and every organization in this league is looking at ways to augment these customer journeys. This can happen with artificial intelligence models that can make a journey interesting for a customer. If an organization is able […]

The Rise of the Chief Data Scientist

In the past, hiring a chief data scientist was considered a luxury. Now it is a “must-have” position, especially as organizations accelerate their digital transformations in a trickier post-pandemic environment. The importance of data science and analytics has skyrocketed in the chaotic post-COVID-19 world as organizations realize they must become more data-driven to survive and […]

7 lessons to ensure successful machine learning projects

Why It MattersEvery organization has machine learning opportunities, but finding the right team and the right uses can be a challenge. When Michelle K. Lee, ’88, SM ’89, was sworn in as the director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Agency in 2015, she saw an opportunity. The agency was a bit behind on digital […]

CDO’S next major task: enabling data access for non – analysts

Digital transformation requires a commitment to enterprisewide data literacy if your organization is going to thrive in this changing business climate. The chief data officer (CDO) has taken on far greater digital responsibility than her predecessor has. She spearheaded the digital transformation in the past decade, laying pipes to bring disparate data sources to a […]

9 distance measures in data science

Many algorithms, whether supervised or unsupervised, make use of distance measures. These measures, such as euclidean distance or cosine similarity, can often be found in algorithms such as k-NN, UMAP, HDBSCAN, etc.Understanding the field of distance measures is more important than you might realize. Take k-NN for example, a technique often used for supervised learning. […]

6 Ways AI is transforming the finance industry

Technology has been at the helm of evolution of mostly all businesses and industries the world over. And, the finance industry is no different! Rather, Fintech (Finance + Technology) has opened up a plethora of options for the financial firms to understand their customers and devise products as per what they want and expect from […]

Can you trust your data?

In order to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive business environment, companies must be committed to data. Data needs to truly be at the heart of every decision an organization makes, but this is easier said than done. There is an overwhelming amount of data in every organization. Data is constantly being produced — data about […]

The new change management: automated and decentralized

IT change management has continued to be a hot topic on social media and customer inquiries. As a process symbolizing traditional IT service management and the ITIL framework, it’s under increasing pressure to modernize in response to agile and DevOps trends. However, change management emerged for a reason. I think it’s prudent to look at what, at […]

Decentralization becomes a question of demand

The world for IT architects has seesawed between centralization and decentralization. In the past, centralization was preferred as it promised economies of scale, control, and cost-efficiency. Today, companies are decentralizing in various ways to allow for infrastructure agility and workload portability. A key driver is multi-cloud adoption. Companies see the value in cloud redundancies, resilience, […]

7 Key Big Data Trends to watch in 2021

The time for Big Data is here and how. With an average individual generating about 1.7 megabytes of data through their online activities every second; its usage to track user habits, requirements, expectations as well as in market research and evolution and growth strategies for businesses is seeing new light of the day. Up until […]