Five Emerging Trends in Enterprise Data Management

As we creep further into 2022, it bears remembering how still less than a decade ago, the enterprise consumer market looked upon data solutions – mostly, data warehousing – as an unavoidable fixture of their solution architecture. A monolith designed to defray cost and performance impacts to core business operations in order to satisfy rigid […]

Data Leadership: The Key to Data Value

Data and business have become inseparable, so if your business isn’t using data effectively, you’re in trouble. Yet using it effectively can be a struggle. Not knowing how to find the right data, not trusting the available data, and not having confidence in the tools and people providing that data can lead people to conclude […]

Cloud Data Management Challenges and Best Practices

Data sources are increasing at an accelerating pace, and so is the volume of data. In 2021, it was reported that 79 zettabytes of data were generated across the globe. The ceaseless growth in data volume has brought with it numerous challenges, with most of the challenges associated with access management, data security, and regulatory […]

Actionable Insights at Scale Needs New Data Approach

Enterprises need to reevaluate their approach to data architecture to ensure that their analytics efforts deliver actionable insights to power business decisions. If there was ever any doubt about the need for data and artificial intelligence (AI) – if their value was ever in question – few would know by the developments of the past […]

The Future of Data Architecture

Anthony J. Algmin believes Data Architecture is moving from a time of chaos and tangles into something more clean and organized. Speaking at the DATAVERSITY® Data Architecture Online Conference, Algmin looked at past predictions, current hot topics, and predictions for the future. He is the Founder and CEO of Algmin Data Leadership. A Quick Look Backward: Revising Past […]

Data driven insurance companies will be frontrunners of their industry

It is no big secret that insurance companies sit on potential goldmines of data. But extracting value from that data is easier said than done, with many data transformation projects across the world failing to reap their full benefits. Pieter Stel, an associate partner at Valcon, outlines how insurers can successfully adopt a data driven […]

12 Tips for Building Data Literacy

The digitization of our workplace is causing more and more tasks to be automated, which is causing another shift in how we value human contributions. A business strategy, process, and how to interact with customers require fewer workers to be producers of work and more workers to execute judgment and make decisions. Nevertheless, workers need […]

Data Fabric vs. Data Mesh: The Difference

In the search for developing the best data architecture for an organization’s present and future requirements, there are many options that enterprises can go for. Due to the packaging of the software structure of the software, these options are plenty for organizations to choose from. Enterprises may find it difficult to select the right option, […]

The New Face of Data Governance

Data governance is dead. Here’s how we can resurrect it. Image courtesy from Castor This article has been co-written with Molly Vorwerck, Head of content at Monte Carlo.Data governance doesn’t need to be a hassle. It just needs to meet data teams where they are: in distributed organizations. Here’s why our longstanding approach to data governance […]

Estas son las 10 tendencias en Data y Analytics para este año

SDG Group presenta por cuarto año consecutivo su informe sobre las principales tendencias que arrasarán en el mercado y que ponen el foco en los avances en la innovación y el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías en el ámbito de Data y Analytics. Estas son las 10 tendencias en Data y Analytics para este año  1.) Nacidos […]