Why It’s Time to Consider a Hyperscale Approach to Data Analytics and Operational Intelligence

The explosion of machine-generated data is driving enterprises to adopt strategies and tools to harness data and leverage operational intelligence at hyperscale. The amount of data generated by an increasingly digital and digitized world continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. According to Matt Aslett, VP and research director at Ventana Research, “Through 2024, six in […]

Data Ethics: New Frontiers in Data Governance

Would you feel comfortable serving as a Data Governance consultant for an organized crime family … but not for a brokerage with tax fraud in its past? Could the use of ransomware be considered socially acceptable if its demands benefitted needy children? These hypotheticals might sound outrageous – and indeed, they are meant to be […]

How Data Can Solve The Hidden Diversity Issues In Modern Corporate America

The words diversity, equity and inclusion are a common sight among PowerPoint presentations shown at quarterly target meetings across the globe. It’s a subject that, despite protests from the fringe, has become a matter of urgency among start-ups. Especially those looking for VC money, which is practically all of them. Even Tim Cook, the CEO […]

Data Mesh: Topologies and domain granularity

The past year at Microsoft has been interesting to say the least! I’ve participated countless customer conversations, workshops and architecture design sessions. During these customer interactions, Data Mesh has often been a central subject of debate. What I’ve learned is that data mesh is relatively a new subject. It’s a concept that must be shaped […]

SCM and Role of AI

Introduction: Business organizations exist to make a profit out of their business. If there is no profit, then there is no meaning in running a business. Supply Chain Management (SCM)’s main objective is to create a profitable SCM. The higher the SCM profitability, the more successful the SCM is. In current work, to be competitive […]

Data Lakehouses: The Key to Unlocking the Value of Your Unstructured Data

For many years, organizations relied on the structured data in their data warehouses for all their data needs. However, since the rise of unstructured and semistructured data, many organizations have begun employing a combination of data warehouses and data lakes for data storage. Often, that means moving unstructured raw data from data lakes to more […]

Data Modeling and Data Models: Not Just for Database Design

“The main purpose of a data model is actually not to design a database—it’s to describe a business,” said Christopher Bradley, information strategist at DMA Advisors. Bradley spoke at the DATAVERSITY® Data Architecture Online conference about the purpose of Data Modeling and its role in Data Governance and the modern successful business. Big Data: Are Models Obsolete? Data […]

The Changing Role of the Chief Data Officer

In a 2005 interview, Usama Fayyad described his recent appointment as Yahoo’s chief data officer (CDO), a role that had been introduced in the business world only a few years prior. He defined a CDO as: “Someone to lead all strategic data activities and to represent data as a strategic asset that DRIVES business and […]

5 Steps to Implementing a Modern Data Fabric Framework

The data fabric continues to be heralded as the modern data management solution for many organizations. The increasing number of data sources and data volumes, and multi- and hybrid cloud environments, combined with antiquated batch processes and transformation workflows, have made it nearly impossible for businesses to satisfy their need for real-time connected data. This […]

Trends in Data Architecture

What role have Data Management and Data Architecture played in data-driven organizations, especially during the tumultuous and uncertain period at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? Industry thought leader Donna Burbank, the Managing Director of Global Data Strategy, discussed these issues in her presentation Trends in Data Architecture at DATAVERSITY®’s Data Architecture Online conference last […]