Everyone talks about data sharing. But do you really know how to do it?

Every agency generates it, and it is best used when it is shared, combined for new insights and applications. But data sharing is not as simple as it sounds. New research from the industry-supported Center for Data Innovation outlines six possible strategies for sharing your data. For more, Federal Drive with Tom Temin spoke with Daniel Castro, […]

Prioritize Generative AI Governance Over Location

Should you run generative AI workloads on premises or in the public cloud? Yes, but your operational maturity and ability to master risk are more critical. Buckets of digital ink have been ladled out of late over whether generative AI applications should run internally or externally. Where GenAI workloads run does matter, as the wrong location can […]

Real-Time Analytics for Logistics: Vista Energy

Situación Vista Oil & Gas es una empresa petrolera latinoamericana, con la ambición de liderar la región a través de la sostenibilidad y la eficiencia. Su objetivo es ser una empresa líder en crecimiento, y generar retornos superiores para los accionistas, con niveles de eficiencia de clase mundial, en términos de bajos costos y bajas […]

Five Pillars for an Effective FinOps Program

For many enterprises, managing cloud spending is their top cloud challenge. How can you optimize the existing use of the cloud in your enterprise while reducing costs? FinOps may be the answer. Not so long ago, data flowed into a company from a limited number of sources, but that is no longer the case. Today, […]

Executive Q&A: How Generative AI Is Changing How We Think About Analytics

Structured enterprise data may just be generative AI’s next breakthrough area. We asked Nima Negahban, cofounder and CEO of Kinetica, to explain how the technology is being used in a variety of industries. Upside: What are some generative AI use cases from the field across healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, and the military? Nima Negahban: Vector similarity search […]

Navigating Data Lake Challenges: Governance, Security, and Automation

Data lakes can save your enterprise money, but they come with their own set of challenges. These tips will help you overcome three of the biggest issues. Originally implemented as a storage and management solution, the data lake has morphed into a powerful technology that provides flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for data storage and analysis. […]

The Fundamentals of Data Integration

Data integration uses both technical and business processes to merge data from different sources, helping people access useful and valuable information efficiently. A well-thought-out data integration solution can deliver trusted data from a variety of sources. Data integration is gaining more traction within the business world due to the exploding volume of data and the need to […]

Navigating the Risks of LLM AI Tools for Data Governance

The sudden advent of large language model (LLM) AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Duet AI for Google Cloud, and Microsoft 365 Copilot, is opening new frontiers in AI-generated content and solutions. But the widespread harnessing of these tools will also soon create an epic flood of content based on unstructured data – representing an unprecedented […]

Five Steps to Balancing Centralized and Decentralized Data Governance

Organizations must realign responsibilities and decision rights between the central data governance authority and the decentralized business functions. Here’s how. Data governance is critical in today’s data-driven world. It defines how data should be gathered and used within an organization. Growing data sprawl causes users to act on whatever data is available: decisions are made […]