Machine Learning (ML) vs Artificial Intelligence (AI) — Crucial Differences

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been receiving a lot of public interest in recent years, with both terms being practically common in the IT language. Despite their similarities, there are some important differences between ML and AI that are frequently neglected. Thus we will cover the key differences between ML and AI […]

Deconstructing the Master Data Management Monolith

Is a microservices-based architecture the right choice for your MDM solution? Your data must be trustworthy and connected to thrive in today’s economy. Master data management (MDM) helps ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency, and accountability of an organization’s shared master data assets, thereby creating a trusted data set. MDM also plays a critical role in […]

Data Literacy Assessment: How to Measure Success

There is no silver bullet for how organizations can drive data literacy throughout their organizations, but a few general elements include technology, processes, training and programs, and change management. Once an organization starts using data on a daily basis to extract actionable insights – and both the business leaders and line managers start valuing data […]

Graph Database Use Cases

One of the primary advantages of using a graph database is the ability to present the relationships that exist between datasets and files. Much of the data is connected, and graph database use cases are increasingly helping to find and explore these relationships and develop new conclusions. Additionally, graph databases are designed for quick data […]

Data Architecture Trends in 2023

With the onset of the pandemic, global businesses began to realize the power of operational efficiency, scalability, and growth. With this realization came the crucial need to shift their data centers to managed service ecosystems – cloud platforms in all their variations. However, locating a suitable data center partner on the cloud has not been an […]

Ethical Considerations In Machine Learning Projects

Don’t forget these topics when building AI systems Using sensitive data, discrimination based on personal information, model outputs that affect peoples lives… There are many different ways harm can be done with a data product or machine learning model. Unfortunately, there are many examples where it did go wrong. On the other hand, many projects […]

Data Lineage Demystified

Trusting big data requires understanding its data lineage. Without data lineage, big data becomes synonymous with the last phrase in a game of telephone. The original data from the first person (e.g., “a guppy swims in a shark tank”) changes to something completely different when it ends with the last person (e.g., “The puppy that […]

¿Por qué es tan difícil convertirse en una organización basada en datos?

Las empresas llevan muchos años trabajando para basarse más en los datos, con resultados dispares. Estos esfuerzos se desarrollan con el tiempo en las organizaciones y la persistencia, la resiliencia, la ejecución y un impulso implacable por emplear los datos para tomar decisiones empresariales más informadas son lo que distingue a las empresas que prevalecen […]

Data Democratization Tops List of Data-Centric Trends for 2023

Organizations are always looking to do more with their data. Here are three data-centric areas enterprises will likely focus on in 2023. The data industry is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate. The past year has seen some monumental developments in the data analytics and warehousing space, thanks in no small part to the […]

The Outlook for Data Warehouses in 2023: Hyperscale Data Analysis at a Cost Advantage

The challenge for business leaders as they look to build on digital transformations is not that they need more data for decision-making. Most businesses already have enough data — and it just keeps growing. What organizations really need are better ways to manage the terabytes, petabytes, and, in some cases, exabytes of data being generated […]